About Us

Point Duty is an Australian software company operating since 2004. Point Duty develops and commercialises a range of software and hardware products focusing on unstructured data collection, data enrichment and integration. We have a range of products covering web extraction, social media analysis, mapping and visual tools. We have three varieties of web crawlers, Huntsman, Funnelweb and Wolf; covering manual text and image extraction, automatic key word-based capture and complete capture of web data;

We created SNAPD, Our open source social capture and analysis tool;
Our mapping integrations for IBM i2 based on Open Street Maps and ESRI;
And finally, Threat Hunter.
Point Duty Threat Hunter suite is used by investigators and analysts across a wide range of business sectors and in government agencies. From law enforcement, military intelligence and business intelligence, Threat Hunter contributes to the intelligence cycle enabling high quality data collection across the clear, deep and dark web, entity extraction, translation, image analysis, data visualisation to produce intelligence.

Point Duty is committed to producing quality programs and tools that support specialised data analysis, data extraction and integration for all industries. Our solutions are designed to fill many organisational needs for collecting and managing unstructured data. As an IBM Business Partner, Point Duty products are fully integrated into IBM i2 suite including Analyst’s Notebook (ANB) extending the capabilities for all i2 users.

Point Duty’s business approach is based on a four organisation goals

  • Grow an internal team of specialists with Network Engineering, Computer Science, Hardware Design and Project Management skills
  • Commitment to an active R&D program in the OSINT/SOCMINT and unstructured data collection theatre
  • Partner with external organisations with appropriate technical skills
  • Partner with organisations with sales channels into primary markets

  • Central to Point Duty success is an R&D program that provides data users with unique solutions to collecting and managing unstructured data. While offering the current conventional channels to collecting from social media and the web, Point Duty has solutions that can offer higher quality data with automated collection and inbuilt data matching.